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We are pleased to present this year's One Communications Mountain Bike Race Series. The Covid guidelines this season are similar to last year's.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to the Government guidelines on testing and COVID-19 restrictions this season.

  • What are the conditions for racing the 2021/2022 Fat Tire Massive season?
    Prior to each race, you must take a Lateral Flow Test (also known as an antigen test) at home and test negative. If you are required to quarantine due to travel or contact tracing please stay at home. Please see "When should I perform the test?" for more information on testing scheduling.
  • Where can I get Lateral Flow Tests?
    Many stores in Bermuda sell the Lateral Flow Tests. Most pharmacies should carry them.
  • When should I perform the test?
    Immunized persons must have a negative antigen or lateral flow test before competing. Unimmunized persons must have negative antigen or lateral flow test taken twice per week.
  • What should I do with my test?
    Discard your test at home. Do not bring your test to the race.
  • What if I test negative?
    Great! Let us know on race day and get ready to ride.
  • What if I test positive?
    STAY HOME and seek out a proper PCR test to confirm. Do not come to the race. If there are others in your household that are attending the race they should also STAY HOME, regardless of their result.
  • Am I eligible for a refund if I miss my race due to testing positive?
    No refunds will be given for missed races.
  • Are spectators allowed to watch the race?
    The signup/start area will be taped off and only racers will be allowed to enter before and after their race. Only show up for your race as there will be no spectators due to numbers. Once you have finished your race we ask that you exit the park.
  • How many riders are allowed in each race?
    We the recent relaxation of restrictions, we are back to full groups. See the schedule before each race for the time of your class.
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