The Bermuda Department of Tourism today [Mar 13, 2013] announced the winner of their Quarterly Video competition as Fat Tire Massive, with the winning video displaying views of Bermuda’s parks from the perspective of mountain bike riders.

The video footage showcases the Island’s biking and walking trails against the backdrop of lush green open spaces. The parks featured in the video are Ferry Reach, Admiralty House, Heydon Trust Estate, Hog Bay Park, Scaur Hill Fort and Park and the Arboretum.

Minister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell complemented the winners and said: “Fat Tire Massive have created a video which shows a unique, fun and innovative look at the parks in Bermuda that many people would not see unless they visit.”

He added: “The video captures the best of Bermuda’s open spaces and parks. This video is a great incentive for visitors to enjoy not only our famous beaches but also our beautiful parks.”

According to the group’s leaders, Hans Hirschi and James Holloway, “Fat Tire Massive is a group of people who enjoy mountain bike riding. We ride for the fun of the sport. Many of the riders have lived in Bermuda all their life but have never before seen some of these parks.

“We appreciate the opportunity to share the beauty of the island and promote mountain biking in Bermuda. Our mission is to use the available trails and work to maintain the beauty the trails.”

Fat Tire Massive has been working with WEDCO and the Department of Parks to open Lagoon Park for riders. Fat Tire Massive is the main organizer for the Mountain Bike Championship, which consists of eight championship races and four fun races, held annually between January through March.

The Bermuda Department of Tourism's Video Competition
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