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RACE 2 2021/2022 SEASON

Download the PDF for easier viewing

Lagoon Park. Flowing trails with cornering skills rewarded! The return of BUZZ coffee, tea and rolls. 21 females giving it their all, in various classes. The launch of the 2021-22 FTM shirt, Hot off the press and almost sold out! Covid compliance, cooperation and support. I love it!

What struck me the most today was the amount of ear to ear smiles coming across the finish line. Lets be honest, this is racing. We are killing ourselves out there. The pain and effort are etched in every grimace, every gasping breath. Despite this, once racers got their breath back, the smiles per hour were off the chain!

And just to remind everyone, Fat Tire Massive is a volunteer, non profit group of like minded people who LOVE mountain biking and want to share the love. But we absolutely do not feel like it’s a thankless job. Keep enjoying the sport. We will keep delivering awesome experiences.


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