So, you want to race?

Well, there's a few rules you need to understand.

Let's go through them now.


​For the current season's race schedule

check out the race schedule.


The CLASS determines what you're up against.


Are you after glory or a challenge or maybe you just want to have fun.


We have CLASSES for everyone! 

Male/Female Open 60

No age restrictions

(experienced riders race here)

60 mins


Male/Female Open 30

No age restrictions

(more suitable for beginner riders)

30 mins


13 - 16 Years

Restricted to riders between 13 and 16 years old

(teenagers race here)

30 mins


9 - 12 Years

Restricted to riders between 9 and 12 years old

(get your kids into racing)

15 mins


8 & Under

Restricted to riders

8 years and younger

(introduce your kids to biking)

15 mins


**Races are based on time and not laps.

**Riders must complete 5 races to be eligible for a trophy.


A large count-down clock will be placed at the start / finish line.


Results will be based on the rider's ability to complete as many laps as possible in their allotted time-frame.


There will be no bell lap or white flag lap. It will be up to the rider to watch the count-down clock at the start / finish line to manage their pace.


Once the count-down clock has reached zero the race is over and the rider's current lap will count towards the race result. 


Did you place good?

Here's how many points you've earned:



Points Series winner will be the rider with the highest number of accumulated points from their 6 best races in the series.


A rider may change classes once during the season provided they have not ridden more than one race in the original class. No points will be carried over. The rider will need to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice in writing to the organizers notifying them of a class change.


Riders not participating in the point series will still be awarded their place in the race which could impact the points awarded to the other riders.


DNF will be allocated a finishing rank (and points based on finishing position based on the number of laps completed when they abandoned the race i.e. a rider abandoning early in the race will be ranked lower than a rider abandoning later in the race.)

DNS will not be allocated points.


Sometimes you are unable to finish the race. Hey, it  happens. Blown tire. Broken derailleur.


Any rider abandoning the race MUST report that to the race official at the start / finish line.

You'll get 'em next race!



Remember! We're a community of mountain bikers that are passionate about mountain biking.


A BBA appointed race official will be stationed at the start / finish line to liaise with the race organizers and handle the running of the races on race day, from calling riders to the start, to confirming the results with the timers. Beforehand, the official will provide agreement to the race organizers that the course has been set and is safe to race over. The BBA appointed race official will be responsible for all questions regarding compliance with the race rules.


We will be issuing race chips which must be attached to the bike while racing. The chips will aid in rider identification and tracking riders' progress through the race.


All BBA racing rules apply and can be found here. Key highlights include: Riders must be entirely self-sufficient during the race; Riders are only permitted to use tools and parts (e.g. spare tubes and inflator) that they physically carry with them; Riders must finish on the same bike they start on.


A mandatory pre-race check in and chip check for rider and bike is required 10 minutes before the start of your division.  Avoid the rush, show up early!

Single event participants must collect their number plate at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their division and return the race chip at the end of their race.


Strange times we living in.

To protect our racers from COVID-19, we are following closely with Government suggestions, mandates and restrictions for racing.

See current restrictions in our FAQ.

Hope to see you at the races this season!