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RACE 3 2021/2022 SEASON

Download the PDF for easier viewing

This was it, the official first ever South Shore Beach Trails Race.

Props to Chris Roque for pushing for this and being involved in course design. We may have found the community’s favorite course!

This was the perfect day for racing with a light breeze and sunny skies. All with the world class backdrop of the beaches and ocean of Bermuda. The complimentary BUZZ coffee, tea and rolls were a hit as always as well as the OCEAN SPRAY juice boxes.

The HOT topic this week was the open 30 class. With the Sherminator dominating the field from the first lap to the last in previous races, it seemed something had to be done. Accordingly, Maceo and Beaver sacrificed their Open 60 standing and stepped into the open 30 ring!

From the word GO, a change was seen with Maceo’s lime green full suspension Orbeca pulling alongside Sherman on his orange Big SCOTT 29er at the start. By lap 3, Sherman was in a four-way battle Beaver, Mark DuPont and Maceo.

Somewhere in there, “Hit Man” Beaver did an aggressive pass that left Sherman shaken, but not stirred. At the finish, it was Beaver for the win, with Maceo second, and Sherman beating out Mark by a mere 7 seconds for third.

Elsewhere, special mention must be made for Jenai, our best jr. bike catcher ever!


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