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RACE 4 2021/2022 SEASON

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While fair weather racing has been the norm this season, squeezing a perfect Bermuda winter day in between storms was AWESOME!

Speaking of awesome, how about:

First 2021-22 sighting of Dominic Mayo in a MTB race, lapping the entire field! (was that an e-bike??)

Lemon and Ginger Refreshments sold out, all BUZZ rolls and coffee consumed!

Juice boxes with 50% less sugar, and Bubly Blackberry Sparkling Water (thank you Dunkley’s).

The first double A/B (skull / chicken) lines with Killer A lines (choose wisely)!

Five New FTM Stickers (one free per entry). I could go on…

In the 12 to 15 youth class, an energetic start saw Gordon Smith, Jackson Langley and Ollie Hayward launch ahead slightly and all 3 barely squeeze through the narrow gap at the Lemon Ginger refreshment stand with the rest of the group hot on their heels. The first A / B line caused the group to spread out rapidly and by the time they climbed the stair section from the beach, the leaders were slowly pulling away. Jackson led Gordon through the second lap with Ollie still in the hunt. Unfortunately, a questionable pre race tire pressure adjustment left Gordon with a pinch flat from the stair section running down to the beach. After this, Jackson was uncontested through to the finish. Ollie earned a solid second and Watt Hall grabbed third.

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