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RACE 5 2021/2022 SEASON

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Great Job all. We did it again, squeezing a perfect Bermuda winter day in between nasty weather! The Hog Bay Course had an interesting combination of features. Tough and tougher climbs with switchbacks, intense downhills with double berms that thwart the less experienced and reward the veterans and, the notorious WOODED PATH. The week of rain turned the idyllic forest tunnel into a muddy series of deceptive gentle turns and challenging hairpin bends. All of which had become slippery. Many riders had personal mishaps in the trees!

And in actual racing, I’m taking the opportunity to do a HUGE EPIC SHOUT OUT to James Holloway for his first WIN in Open 60. It only took about 13 years!

As always, the racing showcased many trials, wins and losses which deserve mention. Forgive me this once for not highlighting a particular class. In my defense, I’m editing the Southlands course video in order to give everyone as much time as possible to familiarize themselves with the new and revamped course on offer for this season.

Many thanks as always for the support from our Sponsors, Friends, the Fat Tire Massive family, Parks, BBA and Bermuda Timing for helping us to bring Mountain Biking to Bermuda

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