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RACE 6 2021/2022 SEASON

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With a few small differences, this week mirrored conditions at Hog Bay. We are SO lucky. Props to Parks for mowing the lawn AND creating the bypass that avoids erosion while giving us a cool new line to ride. Our large gathering was a wonderful return to almost normal. The new 8 and under class was awesome. I got a warm fuzzy feeling watching all the parents running around the course encouraging their kids. And, as of today, a total of 203 different people signed up to Race through the season…. 203!

114 racers made it to southlands course. The focus today was on the open 30 class. Wendell Burrows (Beaver) and Sherman Darrell (Sherminator) have developed a rivalry that seems to know no bounds. Chess versus hit man. From the opening bell, Maceo Dill took the limelight leading the field through the semi dry conditions. Beaver and the Sherminator quickly settled into a cat and mouse game with Beaver stalking. There was a disruption when young Jackson Langley passed the entire open 30 field. But as he was in the 13-15 class, he did not affect the result aside from egos. Close to the final lap, Beaver made a relatively safe but aggressive overtake right in front of the main field of spectators. While the Sherminator was hot on his heels, he was never able to take the lead again and Beaver went on to win with Sherman Second and Justin Horsefall placing third.

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