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RACE 2 2022/2023 SEASON

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The Beach trails race welcomed 101 timed competitors and 20 non-timed juniors with perfect Bermuda weather and a shower last night to firm up the sand. Voted last year’s favorite course, the
flowing ‘tree tunnel’ trails with the most awesome natural left-hand berm, the dreaded “wall” A line and, of course, Kilimanjaro, brought more smiles than ever to competitors faces.

Our second race was originally scheduled to be Lagoon Park, but it was necessary to swap dates with the beach trails due to the intense improvements being undertaken by RMS Boatworks, SparYARD
Marine, D & J Construction and FTM volunteers. Ultimately, Lagoon may become the Premier spot to throw a mountain bike around a course!

Huge shout out and thanks to Parks for adjusting their maintenance schedule to get the lawn areas mowed before the race.

In the Open 30 class, we still had a bit of getting used to the rules with Open 30 racers sneaking into the lead start group of open 60 riders. Can’t hide those two red spots on the race plate guys! With a
group of 19 starting, there was a good group fighting for the lead. Young Daniel Ringer was able to push it enough to get the win with a 53 second lead. Last Open 30 race winner Dominic Smith had to
accept second, and Dave Wolffe secured third.

Open 60 took honors for being the largest class of the day with 39 Men and women starting. Huge WHOOP FOR Dave Burns, former FTM committee member and avid racer, flying in briefly from the
UK to get in a race with us!!  Dominique Mayho took an early, commanding lead with Alan Potts a good distance behind, then Kavin
Smith trailing. The three held this position for most of the race ahead of the aggressive field. But late in the race, Dominique ran into lapped traffic that cost him just enough time for Potts and Smith to
catch sight of him. An aggressive surge saw Potts and Smith overtake Dominique and Kavin surged ahead at the finish to win by 5 seconds. Potts led Dominique in by 44 seconds for 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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