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RACE 5 2022/2023 SEASON

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Admiralty House Hosted our fifth Fat Tire Massive Points Series Race. Mysterious shark oil spirits continue to gift us with perfect weather. The windy 60 degree start to the day improved to 77 and light breezes by 11am. 75 timed racers and roughly 20 non-timed juniors took on the most enjoyable course this season.

The prominent feature was the full speed downhill running from near the upper parking area all the way to the beach! With 2 A/B lines and awesome music (finally). Race 5 set quite a high EPICNESS (fun) bar.

Kevin Smith proved that he has what it takes to dominate in the Open 60 category. With Alan Potts absent, Kevin’s dedication to learning the course made him untouchable from lap 1 to the finish. Cameron Morris stepped up his game enough to take second place ahead of James Holloway. The top three were the only racers to complete 12 laps in a little over 60 minutes!

Lori Orchard, an experienced Rider from seasons past, made herself felt in Women’s Open 60. Pansy Olander ultimately held her off for first with both ladies completing 9 laps. Jennifer Lightbourne took third with 8 laps.

In the shorter but no less challenging 12 and under class, Ray Richardson duplicated Kevin Smith’s performance, dominating the field of 14 riders from start to finish, completing 7 laps in 22 minutes. Philandro Hill took second and Hannes Swart grabbed third. Both riders completed 6 laps.

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