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RACE 6 2022/2023 SEASON

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The 6th race of the One Communications MTB Series presented by Fattire Massive took place on Sunday, March 5th at the Southlands course in Bermuda. The race was initially scheduled for February 26th, but due to the inclement weather with rain and forecasted lightning, the Fattire Massive committee decided at the last minute to postpone the race until this weekend. It was a good thing this was done as the course was in top condition for racing despite the rainy night before. The dry conditions allowed the racers in all categories to focus on their technique with technical climbs and descents.

In the Male Open 60 category, Conor White took first place, ahead of Kavin Smith in second and Alan Potts in third. Unfortunately, Potts was unable to put pressure on Smith due to a reported crash.

There was another incident, however, which we are calling #carpetgate. Carpet was placed out for last weekend's race to assist with the rooty climbs during the inclement weather. The carpet was moved, removed, moved again out of the way as some racers wanted to face Southland's natural conditions. However, during the race, the carpet was in full effect to assist the Open 30 and Open 60 categories with their jungle climbs. It is unknown at this time how the carpet made its way back to provide assistance on the feature. An FTM mystery that may remain unsolved.

Pansy Olander emerged as the winner of the Female Open 60 category, with Jennifer Wilson coming in second and Ashley Robinson taking third place.

Sherman Darrel took first place in the Male Open 30 category, with Dominic Smith coming in second and Dave Wolffe taking third place. Dominic suffered a snapped chain, but was able to get his bike across the finish line to claim the silver.

Rebecca May won the Female Open 30 category, with Florence Pedro coming in second.

In the Male Novice category, Scott Mello was the only racer, earning him the first-place position.

In the Male 13-16 category, Wyatt Hall took first place, followed by Zach Moniz in second and Joshua Wilson in third.

Kelise Wade raced alone in the Female 13-16 category and took first place, still showing her impressive abilities despite racing alone.

The Male 9-12 category was won by Ray Richardson, with Jonah MacGuinness coming in second and Hannes Swart taking third place.

Daisy Langley took first place in the Female 9-12 category, with Naomi MacGuinness coming in second and Ruby Cook taking third place.

For the Under 8s category, a small descent was included that taught them the importance of keeping their eyes forward and using the brakes. Many of the racers rose to the challenge and conquered this lesson with a few mishaps along the way. Never the less, it was a fun day for all who participated.

The final race of the Fattire Massive series will take place at Ferry Reach next Sunday. This will be the last opportunity for racers to earn points in the series.

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