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RACE 7 2022/2023 SEASON

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90 competitors, 30-45kt winds, dead car batteries, and two top “Roadies” on the start line today! Condolences to the SIX puncture victims!

The race course designers came up with a completely new twist on Ferry Reach. Within the 2.5 mile course there were two roughly half mile course options - A and B lines - which made mid-race strategy quite perplexing.

The A-line was extremely technical, with climbs and descents that put the best riders to the test! The B course section was longer, but much easier to navigate. Added to this, was wind blasting most racers from the left or the right and adding a new element to this race experience.


In the hotly contested female open 60 division, newcomer Pansy Olander was the favorite to test the strong experienced riders. Unfortunately, an early puncture ended her podium efforts. At the finish, Jennifer Lightbourne bested Jennifer Wilson for the top spot with Ashley Robinson coming third.

In the 12 and under race, most riders went off course on the second lap of a shortened route, forcing a restart. Ray Richardson dominated from start to finish. Philando Hill Jr. narrowly held off Hannes Swart for second, with Swart clinching third. In the 12 and under female division, Daisey Langley held off Naomi McGuinness for the bulk of the race. But on the last lap, Naomi was able to pass Daisey and grab the win. Ava Swart took third.

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