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RACE 1 2023/2024 SEASON

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After the most wretched Friday weather, our Saturday setup was perfect easy and breezy thanks to the amazing people who volunteer to help with course setup and breakdown! It makes it a pleasure to be a part of.

Sunday saw approximately 110 racers take to the field including the mass of roughly 30 rider in the 8 & Under category.


While awesome racing was put on by the older classes, today was enthralling to see the energy, eagerness and happiness of the children plus the sometimes loving, sometimes aggressively encouraging parents. Both on the side and deep in the race holding a handlebar or just running alongside their child offering a vast range of support and/or advice. The inevitable spills saw parents streaking across the field to pick up their darlings and give the appropriate support. Some young competitors opted for early retirement to reflect on future strategy while others got back in the saddle immediately. It was even noted that one young man who firmly opted for an early end only to return to the race later on with all the energy and smiles he had at the start!

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