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RACE 2 2023/2024 SEASON

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Hello all.


I do go on about the weather sometimes, but it significantly impacts setup, racing and cleanup with outdoor events.

Saturday was forecast to be awful. 40kt winds, 90% chance of rain, yuck. So, two of us managed to do setup on Friday afternoon (glad Coney is so easy to set up!).


An impressive number of riders did the course preview on Saturday in the muck. Skipping ahead, Race Day saw 98 racers in various classes enjoy the very mild weather and slippery, wet course.

In OPEN 60 this week Connor White and Dominique Mayho, no strangers to the winner’s circle, put the current leaders through their paces. While the fastest lap time of 5:10.22 went to Jackson Langley, Connor White took the overall win beating out Kevin Smith by 42 seconds. Jackson finished third. We did have a crash in Open 60. We understand that the racer may have a broken collarbone. They were taken to KEMH and we are awaiting updates.

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