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RACE 4 2023/2024 SEASON

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Our return to Lagoon Park was a repeat of last year’s course which include Bermuda’s only quadruple downhill Berm section! While Saturday was partly cloudy with hardly any breeze for setup and course practice, Sunday was blustery with SW winds gusting to 35mph.


Happily, strategic setup of the Sign in tent and BUZZ Coffee and refreshment table allowed us to enjoy the day despite the wind.


Approximately 110 racers including the 8 and under non-timed group took on the fast-paced, flowing course.

In Open 60, the absence of Kavin Smith, Dominique Mayo and Robin Horsefield left a bit of a gap in the racing field. On the Start, Mike Terceira set the pace but soon enough a breakaway formed of Conor White and Jackson Langley. Chequan Richardson and Alan Potts led the chase pack for some time but at the end, Conor narrowly bested Jackson for the win with Chequan holding off Potts for third.


In the Novice class, there were tight battles in both the male and female Races. Kareem Johnson ultimately bested Mark Richardson, securing his second win of the season. Katrina Carr and Arlene McGuiness stayed close to one another for the whole race. Carr got the win with only 4 seconds on Arlene.

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