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RACE 5 2023/2024 SEASON

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FAT TIRE MASSIVE’s first creation of an entire course from scratch had its Inaugural unveiling today. Years of planning, and months of work went into the 1-mile course that features the least climbing and most technical content of any of our tracks.


Our courses are generally smooth and easily rideable with a few small technical sections. Little Head is quite rideable at an exploring pace, but racing requires constant rider judgment and input. Fitness and skill were both equally rewarded. Approximately 80 racers (including the 8 and under) braved the 30-40kt winds, 62deg high and short showers.


In Open 60, Potts and Hans Hirschi were noticeably absent. Young Jackson Langley rocketed off on the start and never saw pressure from the field. Second Place was Brian Steinhoff, one of Bermuda's better technical racers. Kevin Smith, still a relative newcomer, showed the value of practice with his third place finish.


In the 13-16 group, Young Ray Richardson duplicated Jacksons meteoric start and dominance. Makao Butterfield eventually got past Skye Ferguson to secure second with Richardson and Ferguson securing the gold in their respective classes.

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