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RACE 6 2023/2024 SEASON

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The weather finally relented and returned us to a typically perfect Bermuda spring afternoon. Hats off to James Holloway and his ninjas for creating a truly EPIC Experience. More kudos for Chris Roque and his crew who engineered a staged crossover that even a truck could roll on! Everyone loved riding that rig.

In the Open class, spring break saw many racers absent leaving Alan Potts, Kavin Smith, James Holloway, Dave Byrnes, and Chequan Richardson free to spread their wings. After a conservative start, Kavin found himself in fourth heading into the second lap. But over the next few laps his fitness and continued technical development showed. The surprise finish was Chequan Richardson just beating out Potts for second place.

I have to say this was an exhausting event and huge thanks to the volunteers. For those who crashed, we wish you a speedy recovery. For those who broke chains, BEASTY!! Get a chain to match the power in those legs guys!

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