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The following areas are hereby declared Class A protected areas and shall be managed to protect special or fragile natural features and provide limited public access.

A1 Abbots Cliff Hamilton
A2 Barnes Corner Southampton
A3 Castle Harbour Islands St. George's
A4 Cooper's Island St. George's
A5 Daniel's Island Sandys
A6 Dunscombe Wood Devonshire
A7 Evan's Pond Southampton
A8 Gilbert Paget
A9 Hungry Bay Paget
A10 Lover's Lake St. George's
A11 Mangrove Lake Hamilton
A12 Nelly Island Warwick
A13 One Rock Passage Pembroke
A14 Paynter's Hill St George's
A15 Pembroke Marsh Pembroke
A16 Shelly Bay Hamilton
A17 Smith’s Island St. George's
A18 Spanish Point Islands Pembroke
A19 Spittal Pond Smith's
A20 Stocks Harbour St. George's
A21 Summerhaven Smith's
A22 Walsingham Hamilton
A23 Warwick Ridge Warwick
A24 White Crest Hill St. George's
A25 Wilkinson Memorial Hamilton
A26 Winterhaven Smith’s


B1 Achilles Bay Park St. George's
B2 Admiralty House Park Pembroke
B3 Alexandra Battery Park St. George's
B4 Aquarium Park Hamilton
B5 Arboretum Park Devonshire
B6 Astwood Park Warwick
B7 Avocado Lodge Park Devonshire
B8 Barnes Corner Park Southampton
B9 Blue Hole Hill Park Hamilton
B10 Blue Hole Park Hamilton
B11 Botanical Gardens Park Paget
B12 Breman Island Park (off Vaughn’s Bay) St. George's
B13 Burchall Cove Park Hamilton
B14 Burt Island Park Warwick
B15 Church Bay Park Southampton
B16 Clear Water Beach Park St. George's
B17 Coney Island Park Hamilton
B18 Cooper’s Island Park St. George's
B19 Crawl Waterfront Park Hamilton
B20 Crow Lane Park Paget
B21 Daniel's Head Beach Park Sandy’s
B22 Daniel's Head Park Sandy’s
B23 Devon Springs Park Devonshire
B24 Mary Prince Emancipation Park Devonshire
B25 Ducking Stool Park Pembroke
B26 Ducks Puddle Annexe Park Hamilton
B27 Ducks Puddle Park Hamilton
B28 Elbow Beach Park Paget
B29 Ferry Point Park St. George's
B30 Fort George Park St. George's
B31 Fort St Catherine Park St. George's
B32 Friendship Vale Park Devonshire
B33 Garthowen Park Devonshire
B34 Gates Fort Park St. George's
B35 Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Park Southampton
B36 Government House Waterfront Park Pembroke
B37 Governor’s Island Park St. George's
B38 Great Bay Park St. George's
B39 Great Head Park St. George's
B40 Happy Valley Park Devonshire
B41 Harlem Heights Park Hamilton
B42 Harrington Sound Park Hamilton
B43 Hen Island Park St. George's
B44 Higgs and Horseshoe Islands Park St. George's
B45 Hog Bay Park Sandy’s
B46 John Smith’s Bay Park Smith’s
B47 Kindley Field Park (Long Bird Bridge –Stock’s Harbor) St. George's
B48 Ladies Chambers Park Pembroke
B49 Little Head Park (Vaughn’s Bay-Red Hole) St. George's
B50 Mangrove Bay Park Sandy’s
B51 Mill Creek Park Pembroke
B52 Mullet Bay Park St. George's
B53 Orange Valley Park Devonshire
B54 Paget Island Park St. George's
B55 Palmetto Park Devonshire
B56 Parson’s Road Park Pembroke
B57 Peggy’s Island Park St. George's
B58 Penhurst Park Smith’s
B59 Pig’s Field Park Pembroke
B60-01; B60-02;
B60-03; B60-04;
B60-05; B60-06;
B60-07; B60-08;
B60-09; B60-10;
B60-11; B60-12 Railway Trail Park (A-L maps) All Parishes
B61 Robinson's Bay Park Devonshire
B62 Rocky Hill Park St. George's
B63 Scaur Hill Fort Park Sandy’s
B64 Shelly Bay Park Hamilton
B65 Somerset Long Bay Park Sandy’s
B66 Southshore Park (Southampton) Southampton
B67 Southshore Park (Warwick) Warwick
B68 Southlands Park Warwick
B69 Spanish Point Park (without islands) Pembroke
B70 St. David’s Lighthouse Park St. George's
B71 Tobacco Bay Park St. George's
B72 Tulo Valley Park Pembroke
B73 Virginia Park Sandy’s
B74 Watch Hill Park Southampton
B75 West Whale Bay Park Southampton
B76 William Wilson Park Pembroke


C1 Bernard Park Pembroke
C2 Boaz Island Park Sandys
C3 Darrell's Island Park Warwick
C4 Death Valley Park Southampton
C5 Olive Bank Park Warwick
C6 Ports Island Park Pembroke
C7 Rubber Tree Park Warwick
C8 Smith's Parish Community Field Park Smith's
C9 Warren Simmons Field Park Sandys
C10 White's Island Park Pembroke

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