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2023 Summer Slam Social Series



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STAGE TWO - Strong Man Paul


Summer Slam: make up stage would not be without it's drama. Once the peleton got in Dockyard the surge sprint was started with a slow start that saw the Shermanator draw first Blood. It was a early attack to catch the peleton off guard. However, he was spotted crossing over the yellow line and was given a automátic disqualification. Roque did a stealth surge and was spotted crossing over the vague white zig zag center line. He also was given a automatic disqualification. Strong Man Paul would cross the finish line behind the 2 disqualified riders hence given him a free lunch🥪. Special shout out to Classy Casey who represented the Women and 🦋 nations well. Tonight s Stage winner is Strong Man Paul 💪👏🏼. Mmm needs to watch his back because we still have the mountain climbing stages to come. Which will be right up Strong Man Paul s lane.😉



With stage 1&2 rescheduled due to weather conditions, the committee continued with the approved schedule and started the SSSS at stage 3. The stakes where immediately amped up with top woman rider Panzy showing up which stuck fear in all riders given her recent successes on the road circuit. MMM was determined to put his step program into action and pushed out hard to lead out the group with the Shermanator hot on his wheel. Using his technical skills MMM was able create a gap and had the Shermanator fighting for his life on the technical climbs in the first 1/4 of the race. MMM finally broke Shermanator half way through the lap with a strong surge attack over the asphalt hill to ride the last half of the race solo with only KKK on media duties to witness. With past winners Leave it Beaver in DR with his feet up and the Shermanator retired/tired n riding for fun/fitness it will be left to Power Man Paul and MMM to defend the SSSS from all guest appearances!

STAGE FOUR - Iron Mike Terceira


Stage 4 was full of controversy with the Shermanator at work with the art of winning without participating…it was a day of the youth projects as Zach, Andrew, Daniel and top sprinter Cameroon all eager to win the stage…as there are NO FREE LUNCHES both Iron Mike and MMM where in no nonsense mode…Power Man Paul deserves honorable mention as he kept up with the road bike pace the entire ride on his mountain bike…controversy began when Cameroon was spotted on north shore heading in the wrong direction to join the peloton to which strava revealed he cut the course based on instructions from Short Cut Sherman…MMM made a rookie mistake with his high end equipment as he released his electric shifting wasn’t charged leaving him unable to use his big front ring 🤦🏽‍♂️😫…Cameroon lead out the sprint after mysterious a motor bike came out of Tee Street to lead him out…the Shermanator is keeping tight lipped about who was riding that motor bike…the committee ruled that Cameroon is disqualified for cutting the course…the youth projects all blew up trying to match Cameroon’s pace to which Iron Mike’s experience lead him to victory given Cameroon’s disqualification!



The SSSS is well on it’s way as the Shermanator was definitely not in his usual fun and fitness mood…he showed up with his street legal tires and arrow dynamic skin tight riding uniform which clearly signaled his intentions to take the 1st hill climbing stage…the chess games began early as the Shermanator attempted to leave favorite Power Man Paul behind at horseshoe bay…with the Shermanator’s # 1 fan Chris Rogue competing there was a clear alliance to put him on the podium…however MMM had other plans as he covered early attacks to ride away at the top of Scott’s Hill to win stage 5 🥇

STAGE SIX - Super Legs Ollie


Stage 6 media hype was at it highest with MTB riders riding under protest with the Committee decision to implement a road bike race…however top riders King Kavin and Hershi showed up with MTB with street legal tires just to make it interesting…Dynamic Dennis and Chris Rogue had their eyes 👀on the leaderboard…outside all the media hype it was Super Ollie Ollie that taught all lessons in race strategies as he attacked on Crawl Hill to see who was up for it…Super Ollie Ollie dominated the peloton’s mind as it became clear he had the intelligence and legs to hurt the peloton…Ollie attacked again at Spitial Pond hill with only the stop lights at Collector Hill saving cramping guest rider Steve and Dennis…Ollie was clearly in charge of the race with only King Kavin on his MTB physical capability of challenging him…Super Ollie’s final attack came at Trimingham Hill to Elbow where he broke the peloton with only Steve and King Kavin staying with him…Ollie released the remaining 25% in his young legs to take 🥇🏆



Stage 7 Technical Tuesday saw 12 riders come out to try to steal a stage and get their name on the leaderboard…technically competent riders like Doc Mark DePonte, Shawn Gravito, Hirschi and Classy Cassy were eagerly looking for a stage win…Shermanator and Leave it Beaver failed to take MMM advice to bring out the big 29er and scott full suspension n instead showed up on hardtail bikes…Chris Rogue put his efforts into the wrong challenge winning the end of ride sprint but none of the TT challenges…when it was all said and done MMM showed again his superior technical skills by being the only rider to climb lighthouse and hog bay trails to take a commanding lead in the 6 technical challenges…MMM should have finished it off at Fort Scar climb but made it exciting by climbing summit 2 under pressure to win stage 7 to hold on to the yellow jersey of the SSSS 🥇🏆



Stage 8 saw the absence of previous SSSS champions the Shermanator and Leave it to Beaver…however No Joke Roque is fast becoming a legitimate contender and threat to the run away leader MMM…with 1st class footage and commentary by King Kavin the 1 lap shootout around the arboretum saw No Jake Roque battle MMM to the very end…the lead exchanged a number of times with bikes clashing with each other as riders battled for position…but it was that 25% saved in MMM legs that guided him to victory!

STAGE NINE - No Joke Roque


Stage 9 was full of mind games with the return of Leave it Beaver looking to get his name on the leaderboard and No Joke Roque looking to surge at every opportunity to tire out MMM…it seemed to be an alliance going on between Roque and Beaver to keep MMM from running away with the SSSS…in the end Roque strategically controlled the lead out which forced MMM to attack 1st at SP entrance which broke Beaver…Roque played a major chess move saving 25% in the legs to cover MMM’s attack and dig in deep to power cross at the top of the hill to take the win…No Joke Roque has signaled his intentions that he’s in it to take it all and return to the glory days when he was winning the National Championships and that there will be no free lunches in the SSSS!



Stage 10 was hotly contested both on and off the road…confusion started with only two riders showing up and leave it Beaver suggesting that he wasn’t aware of where the finish line 🏁 was…the finish line was at the exact same location on last year’s Knapton Hill climb which Beaver won…video evidence shows MMM controlling the climb n Beaver making a last ditch attack at what he perceived as the top of the hill only for MMM to respond to get to the agreed finish line 🏁 1st…Beaver with his heart rate at max was adamant he should be winner because he reached the top of the hill in front although MMM reached the sign finish line 1st…an independent inspector was called in to determine where the top of the hill actually is…after the inspector’s ruling it was clear MMM reached the top of the hill 1st as well as the sign finish line 1st…Beaver having great sportsmanship conceded defeat to MMM to which MMM now has 5 stage wins to lead the SSSS!

STAGE ELEVEN - Leave it to Beaver


With MMM leading the general classification of the SSSS by two stages it seems to have scarred of the pretenders…however leave it to Beaver is always willing to put his all into fun and fitness and showed up with the right bike determined to get his name on the leaderboard and defend his title…Leave it to Beaver matched MMM on all the technical challenges leaving it to the Harbour Road Hook 🪝 to decide stage 11 winner…with no drafting rules in effect both riders faced a strong head wind on the final sprint off with Leave it to Beaver breaking MMM to take Stage 11 to kick start the defense of his SSSS title after 6 weeks training in DR!…what a headline it would be if Leave it to Beaver can become the 1st back to back winner of the SSSS!

STAGE TWELVE - Postponed


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STAGE THIRTEEN - Leave it to Beaver


Unlike the Shermanator who has thrown in the towel, Leave it to Beaver is showing incredible heart in his application to the SSSS…although way behind MMM in the general classification Leave it to Beaver has participated and puts his best effort at all time which isn’t making it easy for MMM to rap up the SSSS…the pace coming out of Dockyard was lead by King Kavin which made it impossible for MMM to make any attacks…Beaver dropped MMM coming over White Hill but he road the wheel of KK to bridge the gap…a King Kavin designed course took the race through St. Anna’s Road where Zach and Beaver opened up a huge gap on MMM to end his hopes…Zach and Beaver exchanged blows before Beaver used his experience to sprint to Horseshoe to take the win!

STAGE FOURTEEN - Brand New Andrew


Stage 14 was perfectly setup for MMM to advance his place in the SSSS history books…however the late inclusion of Amazing Aggressive Andrew seriously threaten MMM chances…Shermanator looking for a free lunch showed up on his new e-bike hoping to keep up with the peloton to fulfill his media duties…MMM tested AAA a few times during the course looking for any weaknesses to exploit and finding none that could help him win the sprint…the only option was the element of surprise…No Nonsense Spence led the sprint out which boxed AAA, helping MMM create a gap…just when MMM saw the finish and thought this was a master chess move AAA powered cross with such speed to win Stage 14!



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STAGE EIGHTEEN - Brand New Andrew


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